Entrepreneur Festival Sows Seeds of Tomorrow's Innovation Today
By Shanelle Rhodes

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Entrepreneur Festival Sows Seeds of Tomorrow's Innovation Today
Entrepreneur Festival Sows Seeds of Tomorrow's Innovation Today

The words "Silicon Valley" and "entrepreneur" pretty much go together. Earlier this month they truly got together at the Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Festival at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Aspiring entrepreneurs, investors and product developers from North America and Asia converged on the Convention Center to hear from veteran business leaders and investors like Alibaba, Cisco and Acorn Pacific Ventures.

"There are three purposes for this event," said Festival co-founder Diana Ding, who is also founder and president of Ding Ding TV, a Chinese-American live-streaming internet TV station. "One is to gather industry leaders and discuss the trends of innovation in high-tech. The second is for China's capital to come here to meet Silicon Valley startups." The third, Ding explained, is to get the word out about tomorrow's innovations even as they are being developed today.

One of those futuristic innovators is BoostVC Founder and Managing Director Adam Draper. The venture capital company helps new companies bootstrap their operations with workspaces and network resources. BoostVC focuses on companies with what Draper calls "syfy technology" in order to "push the limits of the future by making science fiction a reality."

Although there's nothing futuristic about the Chamber of Commerce, in Silicon Valley the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce plays a role that will never be out of date-helping businesses connect and network and get the visibility and support they need to make their dreams into realities. "At the end of the day, you have to love what you do," said Chamber President Chris Horton.